Anti Cloned

Smart Access Control

Our Smart Access control primarily targets the ubiquitous cloneable card. Our philosophy here is “you are you” and not someone else with a copy of your card 

The most common access control medium today is the access card.  However these cards are so easily cloned, you can but a DIY kit for less than RM30. Check out the links below: Anti-Clone Card Access Control

Cy-tech Card access control works in two simple ways:
i) We use a proprietary card chipset that is simply not available in the market. This card is NOT READABLE with conventional readers. Advanced card hacking machines can possibly determine our carrier frequency (which is no secret; it’s 125KHz!) but that’s it. A secret password is encrypted inside which will not allow the machine to ‘read’ it. Only our paired readers can read it.
ii) There are no ‘blank’ cards for cloning. No blank cards in the market means no copy-card.

anti cloned card readers2


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